About Us

About Us

We are a team of electrical and computer engineers that passionately believe in the benefit of smart technology. We have an exclusive method to integrate smart devices and personalize each project creating a unique system for your family or your business. SD Smart Engineer specializes in addressing critical needs in key sectors of home and commercial automation. We deliver exceptional service with innovative solutions and a customer focused approach.

Our team

Our team of engineers and concept design experts are constantly reimagining new ways to translate your unique lifestyle into a fully automated and interconnected home living experience.

Founder of SD Smart Engineer

Michel Chahini

Ceo SD Smart Engineer

Mike Chahini is the CEO and Founder of SD Smart Engineer. Chahini graduated from University of California, San Diego (UCSD) as an electrical and acoustics engineer. He has contributed to research with Professors at UCSD’s Calit2, now renamed Qualcomm Institute, volunteered as a team leader and Engineer Designer in a project for Global TIES, with University of California, among many other projects. Michel also possesses a license/certificate as a Master Technician as an Electrical and Computer & Acoustic Engineer. Since the mid 90’s he has consulted countless acoustic projects on the automobile and marine industry around the U.S.A. Chahini and his team of experienced engineers specialized in luxury home automation.


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