Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor Entertainment


Outdoor Lighting

With no touch at all, your home knows when you’re arriving in the evening and sets your lights to lead the way. You’ll never come home to a dark house again. Motion sensors also provide hands-free illumination for any area of you house.

Outdoor Audio & Video

We use speakers that are designed to blend into outdoor environments. The look of these speakers will compliment landscaping designs and disappear into their surroundings.

From quiet movie nights to neighborhood tailgate parties – you bring the audience, and we’ll supply the entertainment. We offer outdoor TVs engineered to resist extreme temperatures, rain, snow and dust or anything Mother Nature throws their way.

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Expand your living space with outdoor Wi-Fi, whether when you have a party or work at your garden, or wirelessly connect outdoor cameras or speakers. Indoor access points and routers cannot provide smooth Wi-Fi for outdoors due to limited coverage and signal. Experience Wi-Fi with no limitations across your garden installing access points to provide outdoor Wi-Fi.

Smart Irrigation System

Maintain and track your watering schedule no matter where you are. Engineered systems designed to adjust automatically for the weather season, saving you water while keeping the plants healthy with a single touch from your phone.

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